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The TPP Trading Teams

Market Activity

The TPP Trading Teams

Headline US price rises have topped 5 per cent for three consecutive months while inflation has also hit a 29-year high in Germany.

October 11, 2021

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In contrast to last week, by the end of this one, global equities have a little more to smile about. Early in the week things looked a little bleak as US and European stock markets whipsawed as traders were gripped by fears that inflation was getting worse. Headline US price rises have topped 5 per cent for three consecutive months while inflation has also hit a 29-year high in Germany.

Although US payrolls figures were a little weaker than expected, lawmakers did agree to lift the debt ceiling temporarily preventing a government default. While we were expecting them to do so, the consequences if they hadn’t would have be catastrophic. This certainly helped to lift sentiment towards the end of the week.

The UK seems to be in a good place right now if we look past the temporary issues with the supply chain. Tescos (a good indicator), posted strong results saying it wasn’t affecting them too much so I think we need to look past it for now and not be too concerned.

So, how did the markets end up on the week?


FTSE 0.97%
CAC: 1.16%
DAX: 0.33%

Rest of the World:

S&P500: 0.98%
Shanghai: 0.27%
Nikkei: -1.36%

As usual, the end results don’t tell the whole story but we’ll put it down to a relatively steady end to the week with most indices just about managing to stay above break even. So, with this in mind, how did The Portfolio Platform traders get on?

The fact is, up and down really is their bread and butter, so it’s no surprise to see that most have performed very well. In fact, rather than just picking out a few, we’re going to list more than normal this week, as we feel so many deserve credit for making you all more money than you would on any other investment platform. Here are all the traders who managed to increase their autotraded portfolios by more than 2%:

Cambridge Futures: 4%
FTSE Trader: 3.6%
Nikkei Bias: 3.6%
European Stock Basket: 3.1%
Cambridge FX: 3%
SP500: 2.1%
Equity Buy Sell: 2%

We’re sure you’ll agree, this was another ‘outperforming week’ for everyone on The Portfolio Platform. Thank you to all our traders, and thank you all for having your portfolios on TPP. We know you’re getting your money’s worth, but we also hope you’re enjoying the experience of taking back control of your investments.

Have a great weekend.

For more information please feel free to email us here, or book in a call with one of our directors to hear more.

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