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Frequently asked questions

Where is the money held?

The custodian is the broker. If you open a trading account with Interactive Brokers, you are doing so with a company that holds over £6bn in equity capital.

Can I open a demo account first?

Yes of course. All you have to do is register, and you will be offered a free demo.

What is the most popular strategy?

This changes month by month but if you would like more information about the current favourite, please email our team.

Which strategies have been performing the best?

The results are all on the website with up-to-date performances. If you would like more information please contact our team.

Which 2/3/4 strategies work well together?

We would always say that diversity is important in a portfolio. European futures strategies have been performing well, and they tie in with US futures and US stock strategies. Global exposure is often the best way to limit individual asset risk.

What is the cost?

Strategies start at $75/month (around £55), for a simple leveraged tracker. Most are between £75-£100/month.

Do I need to pay performance fees?

There are no performance fees.

Do I need to manage my portfolio?

Once your portfolio is set up, you can do as little or as much as you like. If left entirely alone, the traders will keep trading, the portfolio will carry on ‘autotrading’. You don’t have to do anything at all.

How can strategies make money even when the markets go down?

Many of our traders’ strategies use futures. When they short sell the market, they make money when the market drops.

How are the performances so strong?

We only recruit the best traders we can find. There will be days or months where a certain trader may not perform, but over time, we believe our traders will get results.

Do you work with all UK brokers?

We can work with any broker but we’ve aligned with the best Tier 1 brokers so users get the best possible prices.

Could I use TPP alongside my IFA/Asset Managers?

Of course. TPP provides an edge that no Asset Manager could match but as we always say, diversification is key to a well-rounded portfolio.

What’s a realistic performance target performance year for your traders?

We expect our traders to outperform the market. There is no rule as to by how much and every year is different but you will find past performance on the website and it is very impressive.

Can you add me to your mailing list?

If you register on the platform, you will be added to the mailing list.

Who are your trading teams?

Our teams are traders that we have recruited from around the world. They must pass our strict criteria before they are allowed to showcase their strategy.

Are all of the strategies correlated?

All of the strategies are individual traders or teams. They are designed to be autotraded on their own, or with multiple others to create the best portfolio possible.

How many strategies should one subscribe too?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. The more strategies you have, the more diverse your risk. If one trader underperforms, another may outperform. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest an allocation of £25k per strategy.

Why do different strategies cost different amounts?

Some strategies require more work than others. Some have teams of as many as 3 trades, some are single trades using an algorithm. It is not necessarily a sign that one is ‘better’ than another but merely a case of covering costs and paying the traders.

Do you intend to increase or decrease the number of strategies?

The key to a good portfolio is diversification. If we can find suitable traders who have the experience we look for and the performance to go with it, we will showcase their strategies. It’s extremely hard to make the grade and it may get even harder as we find more and more traders from around the world. The main thing is to make sure users are choosing from the best of the best.

Are TPP similar to eToro/Naga trade?

The only real similarity between TPP and other platforms using copy trading software, is the software itself. We believe this software has been misused and investors are linking to risky strategies by traders who haven’t been vetted properly. TPP was built by professional traders so we understand what it takes to manage risk vs reward. Linking to the wrong traders can be dangerous which is why we only recruit the best.

What is your typical client size?

Linked portfolios start at around £10,000 and go to over £1m. Bigger portfolios will tend to have more traders. The platform can easily adapt to account size and has few limitations in this area.

Could I start with 10-20k GBP?

You can open an account with as little as £10,000 and 1 strategy. Then as your account grows, you may wish to add more traders and build a more diversified portfolio.

How many strategies would someone have with 100k GBP on portfolio?

With our own portfolios we tend to look at allocating around £25,000 to each strategy. Therefore, an account with £100,000 would have either 4 or 5 strategies.

How quickly can I have my money back if I want it?

You can turn off the autotrade setting at any time and the positions will liquidate and revert to cash. You then simply request a withdrawal and the money will be with you in a few days.

Will you be creating your own fund?

We have been asked to build a hedge fund with our traders. However, we see what we do as an opportunity for investors to build their own. We want to break the mould, not conform to it.

How do I follow my performance?

Each account has a live Dashboard. This will tell you how each individual strategy is performing as well as your overall and daily profit or loss.

How do I set my risk?

Each user can scale up or down on their control panel. You can see the portfolio size of each trader which gives you a good indication as the amount that should be allocated to them. If a strategy portfolio size is $40,000, then the autotrade size should be around $40,000. The user can increase this if they wish, but only they can truly understand their own risk profile.

How do I know what level to scale the strategies?

If a strategy is trading with a portfolio size of $50,000, then a scaling of 100% would equate to $50,000 on your portfolio. If you only want to allocate $25,000 to that particular strategy, then change the scaling to 50% and this will the autotrade at 50% of the trade size.

How do I set up an account?

You can register on The Portfolio Platform for free here. You will also need an account with a broker. If you don’t already have one then you can set this up with Interactive Brokers by clicking here.

Why is the FTSE 100 underperforming other stock markets?

The FTSE has been a little slower to recover to pre-pandemic levels. The pound has strengthened which decreases revenue for many of the international companies within the top 100. Having said that, it is still low with regards to price earnings ratios. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the FTSE will perform well over the coming years.

Do any of your traders and trading teams look at Crypto?

As yet, we do not have any crypto currency traders. Regulation makes it very difficult for retail investors to buy crypto currencies on margin. If this changes, we will certainly look to fill this space.

What markets do your trading teams trade?

Our traders will look at a wide range of asset classes. While most strategies are predominantly equity based, we do have foreign exchange traders as well as commodities.

Would any of your clients offer testimonials?

We have several testimonials on the website and many more if you would like to speak to one of our team about them.

Is it easy to facilitate an account?

It is incredibly easy to open an account on TPP. Simply register here for free. You will also need an account with a broker. If you don’t already have one then you can set this up with Interactive Brokers by clicking here.

Are you aiming to put “old school” IFA’s out of business?

The investment world is a big one, and we believe giving investors more choice can only be a good thing. IFA’s are centred around an old-fashioned way of investing. What we have built is for more inclusive and hopefully, profitable, for all those involved. 

Some people don’t want to know how their investments are performing, and for them, Investment Management still has a place. However, we do think that in generations to come, the world will look differently at how it invests in the market.

How come Performance has been so solid in a stagnant climate?

The point of derivatives is not only to hedge a position, but also to be able to make money whether the market goes up or down. Generally speaking, traders perform better when markets rally, but there is often cause for shorting the market, and there is where we can stand out from the rest.

What is the average client return?

We don’t have access to client portfolios. One of many selling points to the platform is that only the investor has access. It is your money, and nobody else can touch it.

What we can tell you, is how the traders are performing. Our job is to run the panel of world class traders. In 2020, the average return on investment by our traders was 58.8%.

Who is the best trader TPP have?

It is never really that simple. We have some great traders who have recorded some great results. Some have a higher level of risk, so might see bigger equity swings. Some trade futures, some trade equities. We only hire the best we can find and we’re confident in our product.

Do you operate globally?

Yes. Anyone, anywhere in the world can open an account.

Why do people still use their IFA’s for investment advice?

IFA’s don’t always focus on investment advice, but general financial advice. They can help with pensions and life insurance, but they don’t to run the investments themselves. Most will just invest in funds run by other people.

Why can’t everyone be as transparent as TPP?

We’re sure they could be if they wanted to be. All registered users of TPP can see their position live at any given moment. Most Investment Managers report every quarter, or half year. They don’t need to do more, so they don’t.

How are you different to IFA’s/funds/wealth managers?

We host traders. IFA’s and wealth managers aren’t traders. Even most fund managers aren’t trading. They tend to sit on positions for the very long term without actively doing anything. Our traders will hold positions for as long as they feel they will be profitable.

Our traders can also short sell the market. IFA’s and Wealth Managers will not do this. They will sit in a falling market and do nothing as their approach is for the ‘long term’.

How much do investors allocate per strategy?

The average tends to be around £20,000 per strategy BUT, it can depend on the strategy itself. Each one has an amount that they are trading with. It is best to simply allocate the same amount so that the trade sizes match up in equal measure.

Is this liquid?

It is very liquid. Our traders will only trade in liquid markets.

Are there any exit fees?

There are no exit fees or any other hidden fees. The only fees payable, are subscription fees which cover all costs.

Why are you different to eToro?

eToro and TPP are very different. eToro is a social trading site where anyone can be a ‘trader’ and the average portfolio size is very small. The only really similarity is the software. TPP have made a professional version rather than a social networking site. 

A majority of people lose money on eToro. A majority of investors make money on TPP.

What strategies do you follow?

The Directors of TPP have their own portfolios and if you’d like to know more, please contact our team.

Why don’t all brokers offer your platform to their clients?

In due course, they probably will. As we have said though, most brokers aren’t in the business of making their users money. 

This will no doubt change though with the introduction of The Portfolio Platform into the market place.

What next for TPP?

Word is spreading fast and as a result, so is The Portfolio Platform. There are no boundaries, and we believe TPP will travel across the world and revolutionise the investment status quo.

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