“TPP might just be about to revolutionise investment for the retail market.”

- London Stock Exchange 2020

Meet the team

What is The Portfolio Platform?

Our platform allows your portfolio to autotrade. By this, we mean you can simply link it to a selection of the best traders from all over the world, and sit back. Your portfolio will actively trade itself as the professional’s place trades on their own accounts, your account will place the same trades at the same time.

Welcome to the world of modern investing.

LIFFE stock trading pit

How we got here

Why shouldn’t retail investors have access to successful trading strategies? Why should Institutions such as hedge funds be the only ones with access to professional traders?

That was the question we asked ourselves, in 2019, when we realised that we needed to change the status quo. Why should it be, that only institutions can enjoy the returns that we, as professional traders have always enjoyed? Our friends have always asked us how they too can profit from our trading strategies, but as retail investors, they couldn’t, until now.

Effective trading strategies at your fingertips

We set about building an investment platform that would make trading available to the retail market. It takes years to become a competent trader, but this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on leveraged returns. We combed the world for the best performing strategies, and our search for the best will never end. Traders will always adapt, and new strategies will come to the forefront of investing, and we will make them available to everyone.

We wanted to challenge the emerging industry norms where retail investors were being taken advantage of, and instead create a business that thrives when their customers thrive. ‘Commission Free’ brokers charge you every time you trade. They don’t care whether you make money or lose money.

The better our traders, the better our platform.

We built this for you.


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In 2020, the average strategy on TPP made 58.8%.
In 2021 the average was 61.8%. Open your eyes to the future of investing and join us now.
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