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"I have tried a number of investment platforms and can honestly say that TPP stands out as one of the simplest to set up and easiest to maintain."

- Owen Gibbons, Owner

Anthony Martin

"The Portfolio Platform has been getting me a phenomenal return since using it over the past couple of years. This has opened my eyes to a market that I didn’t know existed, and I’m never going back."

- Anthony Martin, CEO

Tom Williams

"Since finding The Portfolio Platform, I can confidently say I will not be returning to my IFA and I'm enjoying having control over how my investments grow."

- Tom Williams, Director

James Hicks

"I love the simplicity and transparency of both the subscription payment model and of the software interface itself. At any time; I am able to see what positions are being taken and how well they are doing."

- James Hicks, Corporate Accounts Director

Linda Murray

" With TPP everything can be seen on your personal TPP dashboard, and the communication when required is second to none."

- Linda Murray, Investor

Steve Roberts

"The Portfolio Platform is a breath of fresh air in the investment arena. I have felt confident with the whole process and the great personal support that I have received along the way. Highly recommended."

- Steve Roberts, Entrepreneur

Chris Pullen

"I'm relatively new to investing, but the 3 strategies I have chosen have diversified my portfolio and I'm currently positive by 34% in a market that has offered very little. I would highly recommend working with TPP."

- Chris Pullen, Business Owner

Robin Hilton

"I’ve seen a 40% return from 2 strategies I’m following and importantly for me I have finally found a company I trust and have confidence in."

- Robin Hilton, Director

Nick Sutton

"Until now I have only invested in the Stock Market through a traditional IFA. Now through TPP I have actually built my own hedge fund with 6 different traders across the world. I can easily see what each trader is doing and I have full control to change and add traders."

- Nick Sutton, Director

Bryan Doyle

"TPP has opened my eyes to what can be achieved in the financial markets. I have a large portfolio with my IFA who year on year aims to beat the markets. I also have my TPP portfolio where I’m outperforming the market on a multiple of at least 3-4."

- Bryan Doyle, Director

Qualifying as a TPP trader requires years of experience;
harnessing that experience and linking to them requires none at all.

This is where we stand out from the crowd. Only the best can become a TPP trader. We take the hard work out of selection, so you’re free to browse our strategies with the knowledge that our traders have:

5 years’ experience trading or working in the financial services

12 months track record that can be verified by an independent broker

Icon showing minimum required Sharpe Ratio of 1.0

Sharpe Ratio of at least 1.0 on the strategy before hosting is considered

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“TPP might just be about to revolutionise investment for the retail market. No management fee, no performance fee, low costs of trading, and a seriously strong panel of strategies for you to link to your own portfolio.”

- London Stock Exchange 2020


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In 2020, the average strategy on TPP made 58.8%.
In 2021, the average return was 61.8%.
In 2022, the average return was 4.03%.

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Retain all of your portfolio profits
0% management fee
0% performance fee