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What is The Portfolio Platform?

The Portfolio Platform provides the hub for experienced traders to showcase their strategies. This allows investors from around the globe to link their own investment portfolios to those of some of the world's best traders.
It's complex investing made simple.
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Why The Portfolio Platform is different

  • The average portfolio hosted on TPP made more than 15% in the last 12 months
  • The top 5 portfolios on TPP achieved an average of over 27% over the last 12 months
  • Working directly with some of the world’s best traders, has never been so easy
  • Take the guesswork out of investing. Follow some of the worlds strongest performing strategies
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Only The Best Traders Get To Showcase Their Trading Strategies

Would you like your strategy exposed to thousands of investors on The Portfolio Platform? If you have a track record from a broker account, and would like to build a live portfolio with TPP- contact our team.

Remember, we only accept the best, most consistent performing traders. If you think you qualify and you would like a chance to be on The Portfolio Platform, please contact us.

Minimum of 5 years experience trading/ working in the financial services arena.

Minimum of 12 months track record that can be verified by an independent broker.

A minimum Sharpe Ratio of 0.8 on the strategy before hosting is considered.

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We have relationships with most UK brokers, so you can either hold the funds with your current broker or failing that we can put you in touch with an FCA regulated broker we know is compatible with our software.
No. You aren't trading yourself. Instead you are using The Portfolio Platform to send electronic trading instructions into your own brokerage account automatically, based on the strategies you select.
On the Portfolio Platform, we host a number of strategies you can link your portfolio too. Whether your preference is equities, commodities, futures, FX, or options- our software allows you to gain exposure to your markets of choice.
Most of our users will spend time looking at a number of strategies that could potentially work for them. Whether it's a case of filling a space in your portfolio where you may believe you are 'underweight', or following multiple strategies to create a diversified and robust portfolio, our platform can assist you.
Once you're familiar with the asset classes the strategy provides exposure to, you can check historical data on the strategy, and even watch the portfolio live before committing to working with it.
In short- ZERO.
We are a fintech platform designed to host strategies from traders around the globe, which you can link your portfolio too.
We aren't an Asset Manager or a Fund. We believe our platform/software is a refreshing alternative to these type of entities.
No. Our platform merely allows an investor to follow traders from around the globe. If you believe in their outlook on the markets, and you like how they trade, use those variables to make your decision. Asset Managers and Funds can't guarantee profits, and neither can our platform.
Our platform executes trades on platform in real time, where LIVE BUY/SELL data is processed, and portfolio performance updated.
The returns stated are indicative of what a client would receive, based on their portfolio trading the exact same investment amount as the strategy in question, and assuming you have copied every trade, and there hasn't been any broker slippage, or occasions where you have decided not to utilise our software. Past results are not indicative of future performance.
Please read our disclaimers throughout our website for a complete understanding of how our software operates.
Our platform only allows strong performing and consistent traders to host their strategies.
If you have experience in asset management/financial services and a track record from an FCA broker account, we will consider opening dialogue in regards to providing exposure for your strategy.



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