Strategy of the Week: Cambridge Futures


Strategy of the Week: Cambridge Futures

GDP figures showed that the UK economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter of 2021, jumping 5.5% compared to forecasts of 4.8%.

October 5, 2021

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September has gone down on record as the worst month’s trading since March 2020. Given the bumpy ride we’ve had since stocks bottomed during the first lock down, that is quite a statement.

The weakness in the market has come from fears about rising rates, inflation and concerns over the Chinese property market. On top of this congress is now playing games with the debt ceiling which needs to be raised soon before people start talking about a default in the US treasury market.

The S&P finished September down 4.8% on the month, the Dow Jones was down 4.3% and the Nasdaq beat them both with a total loss of 5.3%.

Here in the UK it wasn’t all bad news this week. GDP figures showed that the UK economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter of 2021, jumping 5.5% compared to forecasts of 4.8%. With UK GDP now only 3.3% below pre-pandemic levels, the recovery is still on track and we remain optimistic for the longer term.

With that said, how did the markets finish the week? The strong UK figures meant that the FTSE actually performed better than most, although still recording a drop:


FTSE: -0.48%
CAC: -2.28%
Dax: -2.59%

Rest of the World

S&P500: -2.25%
Shanghai: -1.25%
Nikkei: -4.89%

With hundreds of billions of pounds being wiped off the value of global equities, this would be a week where making anything at all, would be a win. Most portfolios around the world will have taken a hit over the last month; this is why we are always excited to report how our traders have performed on such a week so you can compare The Portfolio Platform, with other alternative investments. What we offer, is unlike anything else, anywhere. We have the best traders, with huge amounts of experience, who only have one job: to make you money.

This week has been no exception. In fact, in a week where every index fell, 9 out of our top 10 strategies made money for investors on platform. Two had good weeks:

European Index: 1.7%
SP500 Trader: 2.2%

But there are 2 this week who deserve special praise. The American Research House went short on Tuesday, and liquidated on Thursday. As we all know, when the market falls, it falls fast and this trade was enough to make them and all their autotraders 5.3% on the week.

We often get told by investors how satisfying it is to finally find a platform where they can make money in a falling market. It is satisfying, and it’s also satisfying for us when our traders get it right. As we said in our article on Wednesday, nobody else can offer the quality of professional trading that we do. If you’re sitting in a fund with your wealth manager, your portfolio has had a horrible week, if you’ve got one on The Portfolio Platform, congratulations, is been another solid performance.

That said, it’s time to announce the team that managed to even outperform the Americans. They are one of our most popular strategies, so we know many of you will have enjoyed this week.

Cambridge Futures: 6.1%

How did they do it? Well, if you really want to know, they were short the US equity market from Monday to Thursday, then when it hit rock bottom, they bought it back; on top of this, they bought the FTSE during Tuesday’s drop, and then again on Friday morning, making 50 ticks profit each time. We’re sure you’ll agree, this is active trading at its best and it’s why we built what we built.

Have a great weekend, and well done to all our traders, and all those who have joined the future of investing. This week, there’s no doubt about it, you got your money’s worth.

For more information please feel free to email us here, or book in a call with one of our directors to hear more.

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