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European Stock Basket

Once again, the strategy that has stood out this week is the European Stock Basket.

September 15, 2021

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Finally a week with a little more action. Sadly for all those who have money with a wealth manager, their portfolios will be down, but the good news is, it’s been a solid week on The Portfolio Platform once again.

The FTSE 100 was down -1.53% this week, leading the European stocks south, followed by the CAC in France with a negative 1.18%.
The US didn’t escape the drop either with the Dow Jones and S&P500 down-1.53% and -0.90% respectively.

So, stocks are down amid tapering fears, a slowing recovery, talk of interest rates going up one day, and whatever else anyone can think of to justify a down week. They happen.

As we mentioned, this is bad for IFA’s and Wealth Managers as all they can do is sit on their hands and accept it. Maybe head out for a long lunch and hope that next week is better.

On The Portfolio Platform, our traders have been hard at work and I think you’ll agree that the 3 top strategies are no strangers to our ‘Strategy of the Week’ roundup.

The Equity Basket Buy Sell managed to add 3.2%, while the SP500 Trader was short both the S&P and the Nasdaq this week meaning they’ve added another 4.3%profit to their auto traders. This is a strategy that is becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. They’ve had some reasonably big swings but they’ve notched up 43.2% in 2021 and we’ve only just reached September.

These are great results, but, once again, the strategy that has stood out this week is the European Stock Basket. It’s hard to believe, but having just posted another 6.6% on the week brings them up to a massive 90.1% on the year.

This is one of our most popular strategies so it’s always great to see them add to their profits, as well as to those of everyone auto trading them. Some people would say it’s too good to be true, everyone who has them in their portfolios, well, doesn’t really care what some people say. The performance figures are fact; the software updates in real-time and every number is 100% accurate and verified.

Well done to them and all the other traders this week. It would be a lot easier for them to sit on their hands but their only care, is to make you more money, so that’s what they’re doing. If they don’t work hard for you, they don’t get subscribers. It’s the investment model of the future and those who believe, are reaping the rewards.

Have a great weekend.

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