15.6% in one week? Too good to be true


15.6% in one week? Too good to be true?

Last Friday, the shorts were crowned as the afternoon sell off gathered momentum.

September 22, 2021

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It’s strange, if you just look at where the global indices have finished at the end of this week, it would look like a fairly unadventurous few days. The FTSE is flat, the US is up 1.5% or so, and the Hang Seng and Nikkei down 2.5%. A bit of a mixed bag really without too much excitement.

If you’ve been watching more closely, you will have seen that this is far from the whole story.

Last Friday, the shorts were crowned as the afternoon sell off gathered momentum. What happened on Monday was a vicious increase in panic selling and the markets were off another 2.5% across the board. The longs buying the dip were caught off guard and trackers everywhere were hurt.

As we mentioned last week, a few of our traders were still short going into Monday and this proved to be hugely profitable. Then once it had dropped, most were happy with the level on Monday evening and took profit.

On top of that, several then went long as the dip seemed too good to miss. The timing for most was impeccable and the returns fantastic. We have several traders this week who should be rewarded for holding steady in the short.

Here are the results of the top 4 this week. All those linked to these strategies have made the following returns in just 5 days:

Equity Buy Sell: 6.3%
European Index: 8%
European Stock Basket: 14%

BUT, the best performing strategy was the Cambridge FX School who timed everything to perfection and managed to make 15.6% in one week, bringing them up to 86.9% on the year so far. It’s not easy to pull this off, and it won’t work every time, but when it does, all those linked are rewarded and it’s immensely satisfying.

We built the platform for weeks like this. Most wealth managers will have made nothing at all this week. They’ll tell you that stocks are at a similar level to where they were at the end of last Friday, and they are. It’s the job of a professional derivatives trader to make money, and what we’ve built means that you can make what they make, pound for pound simply by autotrading their portfolios.

Thank you for joining us in revolutionising the investment world.

Have a great weekend.

For more information please feel free to email us here, or book in a call with one of our directors to hear more.

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