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TPP Scoops Top 2 FinTech Awards by UK Business Awards 2023

Market Activity

TPP Scoops Top 2 FinTech Awards by UK Business Awards 2023

November 21, 2023

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3 years ago we had a vision to change how people just like you (in the UK and beyond) invest.

We wanted to build a product that brought together the best attributes of the wealth management model, and the DIY investment platforms, whilst stripping out the negative variables that hold investors like you back.

We enabled this by building a Saas platform that showcases elite experienced traders and their trading strategies and TPP makes them available to all.

In theory, a market beating product that would reduce your over reliance on a wealth manager and their excessive fees.

We're proud of what we've built, are absolutely loving the journey we're on, and the people we're meeting and assisting along the way.

Although we've built this product for the people, we have received some great press along the way, and two days ago we were humbled to win the following at The UK Business Fintech Awards:

Best Trading Tech 2023

Best Personal Finance Tech 2023

From our record breaking fund raise, to the brilliant clients we have met- we've loved every step of the way.

We're looking forward to building further momentum, and changing how the world invests.

If you're not a client yet, what are you waiting for?

Test drive our platform for FREE today by clicking here, and build your own demo account with 4 of our world class strategies.

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“TPP might just be about to revolutionise investment for the retail market.”

- London Stock Exchange 2020