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More Hedge Funds Than Burger Kings

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More Hedge Funds Than Burger Kings

Fortunately- there is only one TPP

February 27, 2023

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TPP Shorts:

Did you know that there are now more hedge funds than Burger Kings?

The reality is of course that there is more trading than ever before, more mutual funds than ever before, and more hedge funds than ever before. The latter in particular has demonstrated an impressive ability to survive and grow despite returns in aggregate being mediocre (at least there are very few truly mega-wealthy mutual fund managers).

There are more hedge fund managers than there are Pizza Hut managers, a lot more.

In a recent piece released by SigTech. we’ve learned that data provider Preqin has for the first time ever, counted over 30,000 hedge funds globally, distributed as follows:

There are more than four times as many hedge funds as there are Taco Bells. Even last year, when the average hedge fund lost 5.3 per cent (according to eVestment), Preqin tallied 938 new ones being launched.

There are more hedge funds than there are Burger King outlets (over 18,700). In fact, there are even more hedge funds than there are words in Animal Farm (assuming no prologue); McDonalds will be the next landmark passed with around 35,000 franchises and at this rate, it won’t be long.

Their legal jurisdictions may surprise you with 31% being registered in the Cayman Islands. There are over 12,000 open-ended investment funds registered with The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

That is 1 for every 6 residents (including children).

At TPP we are always transparent and offer an impartial viewpoint. We'd be the first to say that amongst the masses of hedge funds there are some very good ones. In fact, there are a few excellent funds.

However, it's hard to argue that most have mediocre returns at best. It's a market that has became saturated and more often than not- fails to deliver.

There might be 30,000 hedge funds globally, but the good news is- there is only one TPP.

The Portfolio Platform was built for one purpose only- to increase the performance of investors globally.

We only work with heavily vetted traders, with track records of beating their market benchmarks over a number of years.

We also charge zero management and performance fees.

This is a product built for the investor. A product built for people just like you .

In 2023- A rising market, or one that trades in ranges would both be very good climates for our traders. Although most investments stagnate in ranging markets, on our platform our traders have a habit of buying at short term lows, and taking profit at short term highs. Therefore, whether the market stagnates within a tight range, or rises moving forward- we hope our traders and trading teams take advantage for our clientele.

If you have an underperforming portfolio elsewhere, or are sitting in cash waiting for an entry point- contact our team for a FREE consultation. Learn how to build a portfolio that aims to yield 2-4 x market benchmark performance per annum.

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