Is The Portfolio Platform changing the world of investing?


Is The Portfolio Platform changing the world of investing?

In short: yes, and this is how.

November 24, 2021

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  1. Active trading

Traders aren’t passive investors. The old adage of ‘buy and hold’ is fine, but it won’t ever make you more than 10% per annum. If average is what you’re after, then that’s what you’ll get elsewhere.

Our traders will actively buy and sell with one goal in mind, making them, and therefore you, the most money possible.

They trade their own accounts, and now your account will copy it 100%. 

  1. The Use of leverage by those who know how

Leverage can be a dangerous thing and should be left to the professionals. 

In the right hands, it simply amplifies gains. When a market looks strong, don’t you sometimes wish you had a little more to invest? Well, this way you can, or at least, our traders can on your behalf. Make 3x the returns, with the same amount of money.

In the wrong hands, that can be losses, but our traders all have a vast amount of experience doing what they do. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t allow them onto our platform!

We vet all our traders so you don’t have to. It’s a global platform in every way and now you can also make the kind of returns, that our trades have always made.

  1. Short selling the market

Can your IFA or Wealth Manager short the market? no, they can’t. So, if the market goes down, what’s their strategy? We can tell you: they don’t have one other than let it happen and hope it comes back. 

If your long-term plan is to sit there and do nothing, then once again, average results is what you’ll get, but if you want more, you can now get more.

By using copy trading software, you can link to multiple traders, some who will offer short selling as a regular bias, and hedge your portfolio.

Markets go up and down, by limiting yourself to only half the movement, you’re limiting any chance of big returns.

You don’t have to learn how to short the market yourself, you just have to click ‘subscribe’ on one of our trading strategies.

  1. Long-term tracking

Your wealth manager’s only option is to track the market, but even that they can’t do with any real upside. The FTSE has made a return of a little over 7% per year since it’s inception. This means, if you simply tracked the market, this is what you would have made.

In turn, this means if you were tracking the FTSE alone, you would double your money every 10.2 years. 

You probably haven’t though, because in there, you have to pay the 2% to your wealth manager for, well, doing very very little. Plus, only about 60%-70% of your portfolio will be in equities making this return, the rest will be doing much worse.

In the past, this was acceptable. Now, it doesn’t have to be.

Even if you link to one of The Portfolio Platforms trackers, you could do significantly better, and they only cost £50 per month, regardless of how much money you put in.

That sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Our traders can simply buy the FTSE, and we asked a Consultancy that we work with, to build us a simple tracker, that will make 3 x the return of the FTSE on an annual basis.

This means, you would have made 21% per annum since inception, rather than 7%, and you would be doubling your money every 3.4 years.

All that, for £50 per month.

No extra costs and no extra work.

  1. Transparency

Do you know exactly what you are invested in an any given moment? You probably get a report every quarter that says how much you’re holding in cash and bonds etc. (you’re still being charged 2% for holding cash by the way). 

Cash is literally cash. Your wealth manager puts it in the bank, and then charges you 2% management fee. If this sounds too stupid to be true, then ask them.

On The Portfolio Platform, you have live access to every trade and every position, as it happens. 

You have access to a dashboard that will give you a daily P&L showing you exactly how your portfolio is performing.

You can switch traders or indices if you want, but you can also sit back, and just watch our traders do their jobs.

  1. Liquidity

Can you access your own money instantly and whenever you want, or do you have to request a withdrawal, and then wait?

On TPP, you can liquidate your position in an instant. Only you have access to your account. Liquidate your position and take your money out if you need it for something else.

Take out part of your portfolio to buy yourself a new car, or to book the family holiday.

It’s instant, and it’s simple, and there are no charges at all.

There’s no charge to get in, there’s no charge to get out.

It’s your money, and you should be in charge of it.

  1. Simple Charging structure

St James Place, the country’s largest financial advisor, have an initial advice charge of 5%. That means, if you want to give them money, the first thing they’ll do is take 5% of it. The best advice anyone could give you, is don’t do it.

They will also charge you if you want to leave, and this can be as much as 6%. 

If you put some money with them, and then need it back due to circumstances you couldn’t foresee, you will have lost 11% of your portfolio instantly. It’s almost like you need to seek advice about whether it’s worth seeking advice from them.

At The Portfolio Platform, there are no charges to enter and there are no charges to leave.

We believe in actually working for our money.

The only charges you pay, are subscriptions. From the subscriptions we are able to run the platform, and pay all the traders. There is no need for any hidden fees, so there are none.

We don’t charge performance fees, like most other copy trading platforms; we don’t charge a management fee, as it’s not about ‘wanting your money, it’s about making you money’. IFA’s make money, by taking your money, and we do not feel this is in the customer’s best interest. As we have mentioned, if they hold your money in cash, they will charge you 2% for the privilege. 

Your money should be working for you. And that isn’t working.

  1. A portfolio that is structured to return a higher yield

The regulators decided long ago, that if everyone does the same thing, nobody really needs to be responsible for anything. If the market goes down, it goes down. There was nothing you could do, nobody gets sued, nobody is accountable.

Cowardice is pretty much the simplest way to describe this. Be mediocre, and stay out of the limelight is every IFA’s mantra, and it’s a very British attitude.

We don’t want that. We want you to increase your return, and be happy with the results. 

What we offer, is different. Yes, there is more risk to it, you can’t look for higher returns without more risk, but in our opinion, a long only, ‘sit on it and do nothing’ strategy, carries its own risk too.

If you had invested in the FTSE in December 1999, just before the .com drop, it would have taken you 15 years to get back your money (excluding dividends).

On our platform, you have the ability to choose your traders, choose your risk level, and build the portfolio you want. Watch it trade, enjoy your money, and reap the rewards.

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