Meet the Team


Meet the Team

The Portfolio platform has been built to showcase elite and world class traders and their strategies.

November 18, 2021

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Video Transcription

The Portfolio Platform has been built to showcase elite and world class traders and trading strategies and make them available and accessible to all the strategies that hosted on TPP. A world class, these guys teams ultimately have to meet a certain criteria before we even consider hosting them. As well as that we don't charge a management fee. We don't charge a performance fee. And we're not the broker. Now we're we are FinTech, a software company. And we only align with Tier One brokers to ensure that the client is the best execution in their trading activity.

With experience and knowledge that I have been in the industry for over 20 years, the performance of the portfolio platform has been exceptional. They are very transparent. It's all online. There's no sort of hidden detail hidden costs any charges, it's it's very, very transparent. And you've got access to what I would consider maybe the best traders in the world.

The current return on investment so far this year is about 50%. The portfolio platform is a breath of fresh air in the respect that it was founded by two investment managers, traders, who fully understand the market.

It's just done on a subscription basis. So I just pay like a monthly fee to follow the traders. That's the only cost that I'm incurring, and the potential returns are significantly higher.

Portfolio platform combines the best attributes of the old world, the risk managed approach and our collective 40 years of experience with the best of the New Age world to FinTech type companies.

We found a way of making a job that we had done available to everyone else via the technology that we use giving people access to professionals who trade for a living and it made it very simple for them to link them into their own portfolio and really make the returns that we have always made.

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- London Stock Exchange 2020